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Achieve perfect temperature control throughout your business or home

To get your project done, you need to have the right power tools. We can help you complete your project in timely and cost effective manner. Get your power tools from the experts at Foley Hardware Company.

Heating and cooling system supplies

The right tool will makes all the difference.

Get better results with less time and energy! Our large selection of power tools includes the full range of heavy duty corded solutions for the construction professional and job-site tested, homeowner friendly cordless tools that are powerful and light-weight. Consider our rental center for one-time projects.

Get all your Stihl products from Foley Hardware Company.

  • Chain saws
  • Trimmers and Brushers
  • Edgers
  • Blowers and Shredder Vacs
  • Sprayers
  • Multi task tools
  • Concrete Cutters
  • Augers and Drills
  • Cut-off Machines
  • Battery and Electric products

Don’t trust your repairs to just anyone.

Don’t let your broken power equipment just sit around collecting dust. Get it repaired by a professional. Our Stihl certified technicians will service all your Stihl Outdoor Power Equipment quickly and efficiently. We also offer sharpening for mower blades and chainsaw chains.

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STIHL is the #1 selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment in America.* An accomplishment that’s even more impressive when you realize none of our products are sold in big box stores. STIHL is only sold by independent Dealers. People who are professionals in the use of outdoor power tools. So you talk to someone who truly knows this stuff.

STIHL tools are German-engineered, and a majority of them, built in America.* So it’s no surprise that we spec the highest-quality metals, innovative polymers and other materials you simply won’t find on a lot of other brands. But that’s what you do when you build products people depend on. From legendary chain saws, dependable trimmers, powerful blowers and industry-leading construction tools, a STIHL is designed for reliability. And built for the long haul. And that’s why so many people recommend them, and use them.



The best chain saw made.” We didn’t say it. Our customers say it. And they say it a lot. In the field. On the farm. In a chat room or in their yard. They talk about performance. Dependability. Ease of starting. Ease of operation. And easy maintenance.
STIHL chain saws are German-engineered and built in America.* And we’re the only gasoline-powered chain saw manufacturer that designs and manufactures its own bars and chains – to ensure they meet our exacting standards in design and performance. Standards that have made STIHL the clear choice for professionals and homeowners alike. And have made STIHL the #1 selling brand of chain saws worldwide

Homeowner Saws

Home owner saws-Foley MN-Hardware Hank-320-968-7262

If you’re looking to choose a chain saw for work around your home, you’ve come to the right place. For one, it’s hard to imagine a better selection of chain saws than STIHL. What’s more, many of our chain saws are German-engineered and built in America.** To help you identify model features, look for these corresponding symbols: C = Comfort feature, B = Quick Chain Adjuster, E = Easy2Start™, and Q = an additional chain braking feature.
You may be surprised to learn that you can own STIHL quality for less than you think. STIHL chain saws, even those designed for occasional use around the home, come with anti-vibration technology, our STIHL Quickstop® Chain Brake and a Master Control Lever™, making start-up easy.
If you are looking for something lightweight for use close to the house, check out one of our powerful yet quiet electric chain saws. They start with just a pull of the trigger.

Farm and Ranch

Farm and  Ranch-Foley MN-Hardware Hank-320-968-7262


Some chain saws have to work for a living. Whether on a farm. Or out on the ranch. No matter where there’s work to be done, the proven dependability of a STIHL is on the job. STIHL offers a variety of high-performance chain saws that are engineered for service, day in and day out. The chain saws in the “Farm & Ranch” category are ideal for a variety of uses. One thing you can be sure of – they have what it takes to get the job done. To help you identify model features, look for these corresponding symbols: C = Comfort feature, B = Quick Chain Adjuster, E = Easy2Start™, and Q = an additional chain braking system.

Professional Saws

Professional Saws-Foley MN-Hardware Hank-320-968-7262


When it comes to logging, farming, land clearing, tree service and big firewood cutting jobs, professionals trust the unique features that make STIHL the number one selling brand of chain saws worldwide. And at STIHL, we have a particular fondness for our professional category chain saws. It’s where we built our reputation in the first place. To help you identify model features, look for these corresponding symbols: C = Comfort feature, E = Easy2Start™, Q = an additional chain braking system, R = wrap handle, and M = STIHL M-Tronic™.
Andreas Stihl developed the first electric chain saw in 1926 and our first gasoline-powered saw in 1929. And not unlike the early automobiles of the Roaring 20’s, our chain saws’ essential components – engine, bar and chain – remain familiar, though very much advanced, elements of our original chain saw. Today, STIHL continues to put a high value on engineering and performance, we remain the only gasoline-powered chain saw company that designs and manufactures its own guide bars and saw chain to ensure optimal performance in the field.

In-Tree Saws

In Tree Saws-Foley MN-Hardware Hank-320-968-7262


For In-Tree Professional Use Only.
You’re a professional. You need a chain saw that’s lightweight and powerful, allowing you to effectively prune, trim and shape high above the ground. With a superbly balanced design, STIHL professional tree service chain saws are ideal for in-tree work and feature a top handle (designated by the “T” in the product name).

Trimmers & Brushcutters


STIHL trimmers and brushcutters are made for those who truly appreciate a well-groomed landscape. If you’re like us, there’s nothing more satisfying than the sound of a whirring trimmer line and the smell of freshly cut grass. There’s also nothing more frustrating than unreliable equipment preventing you from taming the weeds that creep onto your picturesque patch of land. When such adversity occurs, glove up and reach for a STIHL trimmer or brushcutter.
Our trimmers and brushcutters are available in a wide range of handle variations, including various length shaft, straight shaft, loop handle and bike handle configurations. Whether you’re a homeowner touching up your lawn or a landscaping professional tackling tough brush removal, there’s a STIHL trimmer or brushcutter to meet your unique needs. That’s a lot of landscaping possibilities. It’s no wonder we covered all the bases with features like powerful, fuel-efficient engines, interchangeable cutting heads, solid, durable construction and anti-vibration technology for enhanced comfort.
For those seeking an environmentally conscious alternative to gasoline-powered products, STIHL offers electric and Lithium-Ion battery-powered trimmers. These revolutionary grass trimmers are lightweight, incredibly quiet and start with a simple squeeze of a trigger. STIHL also sells a complete line of cutting heads and blades to best suit your trimming needs. Now, weeds and brush have nowhere to hide.

Homeowner Trimmers

Homeowner Trimmers-Foley MN-Hardware Hank-320-968-7262


Weeds and grass, they think they own the place. Show them who’s boss with a STIHL trimmer, made specifically for use around the home. These grass trimmers are lightweight, powerful and easy to use. Just start them up and watch as they make quick work of those hard-to-reach areas mowers leave behind. To help you identify model features, look for these corresponding symbols: C = Comfort feature, E = Easy2Start™, and R = loop handle.
STIHL trimmers for use around the home are available in either loop handle or bike handle styles. Both options come loaded with convenience features, such as upright, translucent fuel tanks, easy-to-access air filters and purge pump primers to help prevent flooding. These features save you time and effort, something you’ll appreciate even more when it’s 100 degrees outside in the shade.

Professional Trimmers

Professional trimmers-Foley MN-Hardware Hank-320-968-7262


What makes a trimmer professional grade? Here’s a hint, it isn’t a law degree. STIHL trimmers for professionals feature power, fuel-efficiency and lasting durability – and they’re specially designed for heavy-duty tasks – from controlled trimming jobs to extended mowing applications. They’re also versatile, accepting a wide range of cutting heads and attachments for all of your trimming needs. In short, our professional trimmers don’t mess around. To help you identify model features, look for these corresponding symbols: C = Comfort feature, E = Easy2Start™, R = loop handle, and X = lightweight version.
STIHL professional grass trimmers also boast an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, putting every last ounce of their well-balanced construction to work. When you’re out in the field all day, the last thing you want to carry around is dead weight. STIHL trimmers include innovative features like STIHL AUTOCUT® cutting heads and IntelliCarb™ compensating carburetors – each designed to streamline performance, as well as your workflow. Our professional trimmers and brushcutters are also built for comfort, featuring anti-vibration technology and various harnesses for comfortable operation and reduced operator fatigue. They’re the complete package for any landscaper.

Blowers & Shredder Vacs


Your landscape, your rules. Keep leaves, clippings and other yard debris under control with the power of a STIHL blower or shredder vac. From homeowners to professional landscapers, STIHL is the name you see on hardworking power tools, season after season. Each model is meticulously designed for efficiency, ease of use and exceptional power. Whether you maintain a small urban lot, or acres of land, there’s a STIHL blower or shredder vac ready to exceed your expectations.
While in leaf blower mode, STIHL shredder vacs produce exceptional blower performance, along with reduced exhaust emissions and a wealth of features. In fact, they include the same standard features as most all STIHL handheld blowers, giving their owners a lot of machine for their dollar.

Homeowner Blowers

Homeowner blowers-Foley MN-Hardware Hank-320-968-7262


STIHL blowers for the home are made with weekend warriors in mind. These lightweight blowers are a breeze to use and can power through cluttered yards and walkways without hesitation. From electric and battery-powered motors to high-efficiency, low-emission, gasoline-powered engines, STIHL blowers deliver lasting quality in a product you’ll actually enjoy using. To help you identify model features, look for these corresponding symbols: C = Comfort feature, E = Easy2Start™ and L = low-noise model.
STIHL blowers used around the home include a wide range of quality components, including high-tech polymer housings that resist corrosion and withstand impacts; adjustable blower tubes for custom height preferences; and upright, translucent fuel tanks for easy checking and filling (gasoline-powered models only). The list goes on. And almost all of these blowers also accept vacuum and gutter cleaner kits, making them even more useful around the home. There’s no better choice for keeping your personal landscape looking pristine.

Professional Blowers

Professional blowers-Foley MN-Hardware Hank-320-968-7262


Do more in less time with the power of STIHL. We offer a comprehensive line of blowers for landscaping professionals, each one made to deliver power, comfort, durability and no-fuss ease of use. To help you identify model features, look for these corresponding symbols: C = Comfort feature and E = Easy2Start™.
For professionals, time means money. And whether that means time spent on a job, or servicing your equipment – the less time spent thinking about your tools, the better. Our fuel-efficient, low-emission engines and large fuel tanks reduce your need for refuels and save you money on fuel costs. Every blower is also ergonomically designed to reduce vibration and increase operator comfort – and most importantly, provide reliable power, a necessity when you’re using our blowers all day, every day.


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